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Tome's Landing Yacht Club


August 30, 2023

A quick update... we have placed an order for 500' of dock structure to replace the attenuator. It is the same design as the new section that was installed two years ago.  With this order, we will have replaced 620' of the roughly 800' long attenuator.  The new structure will arrive in sections in November and December and will be installed by our own crews.  Directly purchasing the pieces and assembling them ourselves is saving us thousands of dollars. Everything will be in place for next season. Then we can begin to attack replacement of our actual docks.  We're getting there... slowly but surely, and hopefully in the most cost effective way for all of us.



August 20, 2023

We continue to maintain the docks... patching and repairing as best we can until we are in a position to get financing for new docks.  Once we get the attenuator done and the existing SBA loan paid off in a year or so, we'll be able to pursue financing and new docks. 


As for the attenuator, we received an insurance settlement of $172,000 for the damaged section.  That puts around $350k in the fund for attenuator replacement, enough to finish the job if we can manage the install ourselves.  Removal of the remaining sections is scheduled for this fall and installation of the new sections is tentatively scheduled for late fall and early winter.  We should have a definite schedule by the time of our next meeting on October 7. Things are  looking up.  Enjoy the rest of the boating season.



June 8, 2023



June 3, 2023

The main water supply line into the marina developed a serious leak this past week.  We immediately called for the plumber who came out on Thursday. We were hoping they could solve the problem that day. But they tell us that they have to order a new coupling -- none in stock.  The result... water service cannot be restored until this coming Tuesday or Wednesday, Not happy!!!!



May 31, 2023

The clean up of the remaining sections of the attenuator has been postponed until later in the summer to avoid disruption of marina use over the summer.  Stay tuned for further updates this summer.



May 15, 2023

The clean up session for the remainder of the attenuator will be postponed until the weekend of 6/3 or 6/10.  Mark Morrison will keep everyone posted as we narrow the date down. 


1. We will be cleaning up sections of the dock on the selected Sunday starting at 7:45am 


2. Daryl and Michele will bring their machine and large dump trailer for the debris. They will also have an additional machine and dumpsters to load the floats in.


3. We will continue the demo process as we previously went about it. In addition we will add the Marina boat to help move sections. I’m hoping Steve can operate it. 


4. We will need some additional hands to remove the floats down at the park and help clean up debris.

April 10, 2023 ( 10:00am)

Many thanks to Mark, Randa, Steve, Rob, Daryl and Michelle, Hans, Jeffrey, Joe, and others for completing the clean-up of the breached portion of the attenuator over the weekend. The equipment supplied by Daryl was extremely helpful as were Randa's, Rob's, and Mark's boats.  We now need to schedule the clean-up of the severely compromised remaining sections of attenuator.  This will be done in the coming weeks -- we'll keep you posted.  We also need to continue our plans for replacing the broken sections.  This will take lots of money, so we are exploring the most cost effective options. We're also still waiting to hear back from the insurance company. Stay tuned.



April 8, 2023 (8:00am)

The final cleanup of the breached portion of the attenuator will be done on Sunday, April 9 at 8:00am.  Board member, Mark Morrison, has assembled a crew of TLYC members to bring equipment and their muscles to finish the job.  All who are able and available are encouraged to come down to the marina to pitch in.  Once the damaged section is cleaned up we will be working on getting it replaced.  We are still waiting to hear from the insurance company on what settlement they will grant us. The board is also determining the best course of action for the remaining sections of the attenuator. We'll keep you posted on those plans.




March 18, 2023 (10:00am)

The damage done to the attenuator by last week's storm has been stabilized and demolition/cleanup is well underway.  On Friday a group of TLYC slip owners and board members used boats, some light equipment, and lots of muscle to retrieve attenuator floats that broke loose and ended up downstream.  The retrieved debris was towed back to Marina Park and loaded into dumpsters for removal. The crew then began the demolition of the section of the attenuator that was breached.  Sections were towed to Marina Park for disposal.  The demolition was pretty easy since there is not much holding the pieces together. Completion of the breached section removal will wrap up over the next few weeks.  There is still debris in some of the slips -- that will be removed for the April 1 marina opening which is still on schedule.

We also had a meeting with an adjustor from our insurance carrier.  He came out to inspect, ask a lot of questions, and gather information.  The meeting went well and we are optimistic that at least some portion of our loss will be covered by insurance.  We'll keep you posted on that.

So for now, things are stable, and the remainder of the cleanup is on track.  The next step is to get quotes to replace the breached section with a design similar to the new section that was installed two years ago -- although the remaining sections will likely be somewhat narrower.


March 15, 2023 (9:30am)

This week's Nor'easter has created a breach of the attenuator. A section from the end of the new part down two-three pilings, broke loose and is now swiveling on the center piling of the breached section.  We’ll see what happens as the higher of today’s (3/15) high tides begins to come in around 10:30 am. The winds are still 20-30 out of the  NW-NNW. We called Beaver Marine. They will be down Friday (3/17) morning to assess how the swiveling section can be stabilized. 


Right now everyone just needs to stay out of the marina. We don’t want anybody getting rammed by a piece of the floating attenuator section. We’ll just have to wait till the wind dies down to go out and assess the damage. Stay tuned.


January 30, 2023

Beaver Marine continues to fix issues on the docks.  Some structural members were repaired or replaced, soft spot on the decking are being repaired,  a few gussets have been replaced, and the rubber sheeting from the attenuator has been removed and stored for future use.

As stated in the fall, we were hoping to move forward with construction of the next section of attenuator this fall/winter.  That hope was based on a quote that we received last year from Beaver Marine.  Unfortunately, drastic price increases in materials has caused us to have to rethink our next move.  We are currently exploring options: waiting until prices stabilize and we build up our attenuator reserve fund to meet the higher cost; a DIY option in which we would try to to build out the attenuator with in house talent; and looking at other potential contractors. Until then our reserve account continues to grow and put us in a good place for hopefully moving forward this year.

The next TLYC owners meeting will be on Saturday, March 4 at 0800 in the Tomes Landing Community room.




October 26, 2022

Beaver Marine is continuing to fix issues on the docks. Many finger gussets have been replaced on all piers along with a number of severely compromised structural beams and soft spots on the decking.

We were hoping to move forward with construction of the next section of attenuator this fall/winter.  That hope was based on a quote that we received last year from Beaver Marine.  Unfortunately, drastic price increases in materials has caused us to have to rethink our next move.  We are currently exploring options: waiting until prices stabilize and we build up our attenuator reserve fund to meet the higher cost; a DIY option in which we would try to to build out the attenuator with in house talent; and looking at other potential contractors. 


All of this has been complicated by the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian down south, which will put new pressures on the availability of dock materials and marine construction contractors.  We'll keep you posted on what we are finding at our next meeting on December 3.  This is frustrating for all of us as we try to get things restored.  



July 26, 2022

Beaver Marine is continuing to fix issues on the docks.  In the future, if a finger is so compromised that fixing it will be more expensive than replacing it, we will replace it with a new one of the design and materials we will be eventually use to replace the entire dock system.


It looks like we will be moving ahead with the next phase of attenuator replacement this fall/winter.  We intend to replace it with a breakwater and debris deflector design that will be much less expensive than the first section we completed two years ago. That section was designed to be a pedestrian pier for recreational activities.  The remaining sections will not be pedestrian accessible


We met with MRA to get a better understanding of our SBA loan status and the details of the cross operating arrangement with the condos.  We will provide details on these topics at the August 6 meeting. 

Just a friendly reminder that refueling of boats and jet skis is not permitted on the docks.  Our insurance coverage prohibits this.  If you've ever seen pictures of dock fires, you will understand the importance of this rule. 


May 26, 2022

Beaver Marine is continuing to address a number of structural issues on the docks, including the replacement of quite a few finger support gussets. Since we've been focusing on the structural items, other things, like "potholes" in the decking, have yet to be fixed.  So be careful as you move around the marina. Watch where you are walking to avoid stubbed toes!!!  

We have asked Beaver Marine to provide us with an updated quote for the attenuator replacement.  As noted before, the remaining sections will be built strictly for wave attenuation and debris deflection -- not as a pedestrian accessible pier.  This will allow us to protect our marina lagoon without incurring the much higher cost of a walkable pier. We hope to be able to complete the project this coming fall and winter.

We will have a marina meeting on Saturday, June 4 at 0800 in the Tomes Landing Community Room.  We hope to see you there.


Be safe and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!


April 28, 2022

The north transformer platform has been reconstructed by Beaver Marine. They are now working on the stabilization of fingers on E and D docks, and are replacing deteriorated support gussets on some fingers.

Chuck Evans is continuing his work to determine if we qualify for any loan programs that could provide financing for a complete dock replacement. In the meantime, we will continue to fix and patch as issues arise.

We are assessing our current cash position and are fairly confident that we can continue with the replacement of the attenuator this fall.  The remaining sections of the attenuator will function only as a wave and debris deflector.  This will be much less expensive than replacing the entire structure with a "pedestrian" pier as we did on the first section, which is now open for use. We'll keep you posted on the cost and timing of the attenuator work.

Our next slip owners meeting will be on Saturday, June 4 at 0800 in the community room.


April 4, 2022

Repairs of the electrical transformer platform are almost done. Next up are the critical E-dock and D-dock repairs.  Progress has been once again slowed down due to the weather.  Since all of the critical repairs require diving, windy days and below normal temps have continued to hinder progress.

On the dock replacement project, It looks like the pathway to financing and rebuilding the floating dock system at TLYC is going to be a long process. 


Here is where we stand right now:


1. We have received simple order of magnitude assessments of the project from three firms. They range from 2.5 to 5 million.  We can use this range as we move forward with our investigation of financing possibilities.


2. The entire process of securing funding will be a 12 to 24 month process.


3. Chuck Evans and John Fleming will guide us through the process.


4. In the meantime, we can move forward with finishing the attenuator project. Given our current cash position, we may be able to compete that work over the next 12 months.  If we can do that, we will have built a new attenuator and completed our dredging work.  This will help us qualify for new funding.


5. Chuck and John will be working with the condo board to better understand how the cross operating agreement will play into TLYC financing efforts.

We'll keep you updated as new info becomes available.


March 21, 2022

Beaver Marine is currently reconstructing the upstream end electrical transformer platform.  It requires some new beams and decking. After that work is done, they will be fixing other critical issues, especially out on E-dock.


March 1, 2022

Marina meeting Saturday, March 5 at 0800 in the community room.

The marina slips will be open to boats on April 1.  Boats using the moat, which do not use water or electric, may move in on March 5.

2022 rental rates: moat dockage is now $385 per season for non-slip owners and $330 for slip owners. Seasonal T-dock rental is now $3,740 for the full T and $1,870 for half T.

Beaver Marine is currently working to fix critical issues on the docks to ensure a safe and functional marina on opening day.

We continue to explore financing possibilities to fund the replacement of our aging dock system.  Options appear to very limited.


February 14, 2022


Not much work was accomplished over the winter as the crew at Beaver Marine were all down with COVID. Igor, got hit very hard and is just now getting his strength and energy back.

We are still waiting on quotes from 4 vendors for the dock replacement project and we have begun to explore financing options.

There will be a TLYC owners meeting on March 5 at 0800.

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