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Tome's Landing Yacht Club

Tome’s Landing Yacht Club

Marina Rules 10-1-18 to present     

These rules shall apply to all slip owners, seasonal and short term slip renters, daily transients, and guests of Tome’s Landing Yacht Club (Marina). The rules shall be applied uniformly and consistently to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Marina users. The Board of Directors of the Marina shall have the right to assess any slip owner up to $50.00 for each violation of these Marina rules. Slip owners will be notified by the Marina in writing of any violation. In the event that a violation becomes a continuing violation, the Marina Board of Directors shall have the right to assess any slip owner up to $50.00 per day for each day the violation continues after 10 days of the initial notification of violation. Violations may be appealed to the Marina Board of Directors.




1. There shall be no obstruction of any portion of the Marina infrastructure. Nothing shall be stored on any of the Marina surfaces. (Marina surfaces for the purposes of these rules include the main walkways, individual pier walkways, and pier fingers.) Personal items may be stored in approved, permanently attached dock boxes on finger gussets – the triangular platforms where the fingers attach to the piers.


2. No commercial signs, notices, advertisements or other lettering shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted or fixed by any slip owner or renter on any part of the Marina infrastructure, without written consent of the Marina Board of Directors. Any signage, burgees, banners, or flags attached to any vessel must be inoffensive, be of reasonable size, and be securely fastened to the vessel. 


3. No screws, spikes, nails, or any other type of permanent fastener may be used to attach any items to any of the Marina surfaces. 


4. All garbage and trash must be removed from the Marina by all Marina users. Trash and garbage may not be stored in containers on any of the Marina surfaces. 


5. Vessel holding tanks may not be emptied and/or discharged into Marina waters under any circumstance. 


6. No slips may be used by any slip owner or renter for commercial purposes, the carrying of passengers for hire, or the operation of any fishing charter, unless the written consent of the Marina Board of Directors is obtained. 


7. A slip owner may authorize the use by others of his/her slip on a seasonal or other periodic or transient basis, as long as the use is not for commercial purposes. 


8. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on within the Marina, or in any slip, nor shall anything be done therein which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the other slip owners. 


9. All slip owners and renters shall keep the volume of any radio, sound system, television, or musical instrument in their slips and on their vessels at a level that will not disturb other Marina users. 


10. No slip shall be used for any unlawful purpose, and no slip owner or renter shall do or permit any unlawful act in or upon his/her slip. 


11. No vessel shall occupy a slip if the length of the vessel causes it to extend more than 30 inches beyond the end of the slip’s finger. No part of any vessel may extend over any Marina surface. 


12. Slip owners are responsible for the secure docking of any vessel in their slip. Any damage to any part of the Marina or any vessel or any property in the Marina caused by a vessel docked in an owner’s slip is the responsibility of the slip owner. 


13. Neither slip owners nor their renters may use a vessel docked in any slip in the Marina as a permanent residential living quarter. Slip owners and renters may use their vessels for non-permanent overnight stays of no more than 10 consecutive nights. 


14. Pets shall be permitted in the Marina provided they are accompanied by their owners at all times and are kept restrained by a leash of no more than six feet or are carried. Owners are responsible for cleaning-up after their pets at all times. Pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets and may not allow their pets to annoy, disturb, or frighten any Marina user. 


15. Slip owners and renters shall only use power/water utility pedestals designated for their slip. Unauthorized use of other utility pedestals is prohibited unless consent is given by the owner of a slip designated for that pedestal. No power extension cords or water hoses may be run across any stretch of water or Marina surface. 


16. The use of any type of open flame device (grilles, charcoal burners, etc.) is prohibited at all times in the Marina.  No vessel may be fueled/re-fueled in the marina.


17. Seasonal rental of moat moorings, jet-ski ports and T-docks must be arranged through the Marina Board of Directors. Fees will be negotiated and charged for these services. Slip owners and their guests may use the T-docks a few nights during the season at no cost, but only when the T-docks have not be rented for transient or seasonal use.

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