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Miss Daisy Cruises... tap into your "Blue Mind"



A day on the water takes you to another place, a special space, a clearer mind.  We offer half and full day "Port of Call" day cruises to North East, Chesapeake City, Bohemia River, Sassafras River, Tolchester Beach, and Worton Creek. Each destination offers a unique experience on the upper Chesapeake Bay.  North East features the Upper Bay Museum,  Chesapeake City allows you to experience the C&D Canal a chance to see huge ocean going vessels, Tolchester offers a beautiful beach, Worton Creek takes you up a lazy Chesapeake tidal creek. Opportunities for stunning photography abound in all of these destinations. Half day cruises are limited to North East and Bohemia River and are priced at $400. Full day excursions to Chesapeake City, Sassafras River, Worton Creek, are full day destinations and are priced at $800. Your party may include a maximum of 6 persons. 


Misty mornings, windswept afternoons, and hazy sunsets are daily Chesapeake features. Our small group photography treks on the upper bay provide the opportunity to capture sometimes dazzling. sometimes subtle but always dramatic bayscape images.  Herons, ospreys, eagles, gulls, geese, and ducks are summer denizens that provide all sorts of subject settings.  If boat photography is your thing, commercial and recreational water craft abound -- kayaks, canoes, sailing dinghies, yachts, sport fishers, barges, crab boats, dredges, and sea going container ships are common sights. And weather buffs... well, you never know what surprises await you! Photography treks are priced $400 for half day treks and $800 for a full day. Photo treks are limited to 4 persons per group to optimize the setting for good photography.



There is no better way to behold the natural wonders of the lower Susquehanna and upper Chesapeake than to be on the water.  On our 4-hour nature excursion you will see the mighty Susquehanna open up to the wide expanse of the Chesapeake Bay. You will see the Susquehanna Flats and witness its natural diversity -- eagles, ospreys, herons,  geese, ducks, gulls, cormorants and other flying marvels; a promising recovery of submerged aquatic vegetation; fascinating interaction between ocean tides and river currents; and dramatic views of seasonal weather. Nature Adventures are 6 hours events and are priced at $600. Your party may include up to 6 persons.





Our science explorations offer a rich experience for natural science students and enthusiasts. This 6-hour program introduces guests to the natural forces that created one of the most productive and diverse estuary systems in the world, the Susquehanna-Chesapeake. On this trip you will learn how the lower end of the Susquehanna River became the Chesapeake Bay; you'll see rock formations, sedimentation processes, the effects of tides and currents and get the chance to make some actual water quality observations using basic scientific tools. Science Explorations are 6 hours events and are priced at $600. Your party may include up to 6 persons. 



A  day at the beach on the bay? Yep, we'll take you to a popular boater beach just a short ride from Port Deposit. Sand Island, just south of Havre de Grace, is a popular summer time swimming hole and picnic place for boating families.  Or, travel a little further to some popular "gunk-holes" on the Elk and Bohemia Rivers, or on down to Still Pond.  Call us about a fun day on the bay. You may even want to consider an overnight camping trip somewhere on the upper Bay.

Picnic and swim outings are 6 hours events and are priced at $400. Your party may include up to 6 persons.



Plan your own cruise. Custom experiences are priced at $100.00 per hour (total, not per person) for up to 6 people with a 4 hour minimum. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance.

    Email to: 

    Call/text:  717-979-2279.


All events are subject to health restrictions and conditions in Maryland. 



Weekday trips will generally be quieter and more peaceful than weekend trips.  There is a lot of summertime activity on the upper Chesapeake and lower Susquehanna.


Water for hydration is included at no extra charge.  Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages. Alcoholic beverages brought onboard may only be consumed by guests 21 and older.  


Sun protection (protective clothing and sunscreen) is strongly encouraged for all of our guests. Hot summer days on the bay can leave you burned and dehydrated if precautions are not taken.


Our nature and science explorations are visual only.  No sampling, capturing, or manipulation of wildlife of any kind - flora or fauna - is offered or permitted.  Our treatment of nature and science is interpretive and aesthetic, not analytical or invasive.


Unfortunately for you fisher-people, Coastal Anthology does not do fishing charters. There are many, many excellent fishing guides on the Susquehanna and Chesapeake. If you are looking for some of the best fishing on the East Coast check them out.



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