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Coastal Anthology's purpose is to bring the art, science, and culture of the coastal environment to people by providing a gateway to a variety of virtual and live experiences that educate, enlighten, relax, and renew the mind and spirit. Coastal Anthology is a Maryland based LLC.


Anthology is a word from Ancient Greek -- anthologia or “flower-gathering.”  It evolved from anthologeō or “I gather flowers” which is derived from anthos or “flower” and  legō or "I gather, pick up, collect." It was coined by Meleager of Gadara circa 60 BCE, originally to describe a collection of poetry. (from Wiktionary)


The Coastal Anthology project is an evolving "cloud place" of experiences, thoughts, sights, and sounds that link the visitor to that captivating space where the land meets the water... streams and rivers, lakes and ponds, oceans and bays -- a gathering of "flowers" of the coastal environment.  While much of our focus is on the Susquehanna-Chesapeake realm, we include works and experiences from coasts around the globe.


Our hope for Coastal Anthology is that it will help guests to build connections to the aesthetic, environmental, and spiritual powers of the land-meets-water zone, through a collection or "anthology" of literature, music, visual art, and live on-the-water experiences.  


Visitors are encouraged to purchase or borrow from a library, or Open Library the complete texts of the excerpted works.  Our intent is to introduce readers to the magnificent work of the featured authors and artists. In all cases links are provided to sources where readers may purchase or borrow the authors' and artists' works, be they literary or visual. 



My name is Brady Stroh and I have lived my entire life near the banks of the Susquehanna River. I grew up "messing around on the water" on Penn's Creek and the Isle of Que at Selinsgrove, PA.  I now divide my time between Hummelstown, PA, a Swatara Creek town, and Port Deposit, MD, a river town located where the Susquehanna becomes tidal and near where its name changes to Chesapeake Bay. I have a degree in Earth Science from Bloomsburg University and a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning from Penn State.


My professional life has been spent as a geologist, geographer, geoscience practitioner, earth science teacher, and geo-spatial science instructor at Penn State Harrisburg and Temple Universities.  Over the past 15 years I have also devoted a lot of time to the preservation and operation of a Chesapeake Bay Skipjack, the Martha Lewis, owned and operated by Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy in Havre de Grace, MD.  I hold a USCG 50 ton, inland master's license -- that just means I am certified to offer you river and bay experiences on a boat.


My passion, if you haven't figured out by now, is being on the water, reading about the water, photographing the water, looking at art about the water, listening to music that makes me think about the water, and most importantly, sharing coastal experiences with you.




Copyright © 2022 Coastal Anthology, LLC - Port Deposit, Maryland

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