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This section of A Coastal Anthology offers a gateway to visual imagery about lakes and rivers, bays and marshes, beaches and coasts that touch the human spirit.  Posted here are links to photographs, paintings, and other imagery inspired by artists like Winslow Homer, Claude-Joseph Vernet, Eastern artists, the Impressionists and contemporary Environmental artists.

Northeaster, Winslow Homer (1895)

Coastal Scene, Claude-Joseph Vernet (1750)

The  Hudson River School - an essay  (VIEW)

Impressionists on the Water   (VIEW)


Explore other sources of coastal and environmental art 

WikiArt is an extensive wiki collection of visual art. There are currently  over 1200 paintings and drawings in the "marina" genre from artists around the world. 


You may also enjoy two other genres at WikiArt:   CLOUDSCAPE     LANDSCAPE


Coastal Photography on Google       

Coastal Photography tips

Coastal Imagery by Coastal Anthology

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