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  • Brady Stroh

VA DelMarVa

Here are two quick reads that take you into the world of the Virginia part of the DelMarVa peninsula -- the Chesapeake Eastern Shore. I strongly suggest them, especially if you are planning a trip down Route 13 on your way to or from the Bay Bridge Tunnel.

In Salt Tide author Curtis Badger paints a poetic tapestry of the ethereal beauty and delicate fragility of America's final frontier of unspoiled island ecosystems—an 18-island archipelago that serves as a barrier between the wild Atlantic Ocean and the mainland's inland shores. This captivating tale weaves together the threads of diverse lifeforms that eke out an existence on these coastal havens, from the hardy plant species that anchor their roots in the sandy soil to the myriad creatures that call these islands home. As readers embark on this lyrical journey, they will be transported to a world where the symbiotic dance between man and nature is both spellbinding and precarious, a testament to the awe-inspiring resilience of the natural world.

Peninsulas in Repose Badger offers a captivating exploration of the hidden histories and captivating tales that lie dormant within the serene peninsulas of Virginia's Eastern Shore. Like a master archaeologist unearthing long-lost artifacts, Badger delves into the rich tapestry of narratives woven into the very fabric of these tranquil landscapes. From the swashbuckling escapades of blockade runners in Hacks Neck, to the valiant struggles against British forces in Joynes Neck, to the salacious scandals of Gargathy and the enigmatic creature that lurks within Craddock Neck, Badger skillfully brings to life the heroic men and women whose stories have shaped the nation, all set against the backdrop of these idyllic peninsulas.

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