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Coastal Science News
Blue Carbon Initiative

The Blue Carbon Initiative is a global program working to mitigate climate change through the restoration and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems. The Initiative currently focuses on mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrasses.

Deep Carbon Observatory

The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) is a global community of more than 1000 scientists on a ten-year quest to understand the quantities, movements, forms, and origins of carbon in Earth.

Disappearing Old Arctic Ice

In the ninth week of 1984, multiyear ice comprised 61 percent of the Arctic sea ice pack. In the ninth week of 2018, multiyear ice comprised 34 percent of the sea ice pack.

El Nino Winter 2019

Another El Nino may be developing the the Pacific Ocean.  Conditions look favorable for a winter 2019 event that will affect weather arouond the world.

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